• Bex Drate

Current Project: Half Tree

Updated: Oct 4

Be yourself. That's what people say when seventeen-year-old Allison Keller transfers to a new school, but Allie also knows what they think. Since middle school, she's had the unpleasant experience of hearing the thoughts of everyone nearby. She’s learned to block it out and set rules to protect herself. The most important? No one can know about her mind-reading. The world wants normal, so she'll give them normal.

High school is going just fine until she accidentally uses her mental ability to uncover a plot to murder her estranged (and wow, he got tall) childhood best friend, JD. Allie must choose between warning JD and keeping her secret.

But then JD confesses that he can read minds, too, and Allie is compelled to unravel the mystery of their powers. They discover JD is a refugee from the future, hidden in modern times using experimental time travel. A technocratic regime is determined to use JD’s unique DNA to create a brutal mind-control weapon. Allie must learn to accept her powers and find faith in her friends if she is to save JD, and just maybe, humanity as she knows it.