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Introducing Three Greats (with @BexDrate)

The writing community is great.

In March of 2019, when I started writing my first novel, I'd never heard of a beat sheet. I didn't know the difference between a character arc and an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy). I didn't have a single clue about how to get my little beauty published and had no idea what it meant to query agents.

But I did have a particular set of skills.

When I graduated from college, most of the digital marketing tools that I eventually mastered were still just the chicken scratch of ambitious entrepreneurs. But I was really lucky. The knowledge I needed to use these tools was being produced and shared, often for free, by the community. All you had to do was find the right resources.

So when I started writing seriously, I pointed what I knew about continuing education at the writing community, then sprinkled it with a healthy dose of naive optimism. And I wrote. And I learned. And I shared. Nowadays, I pretty much know it all.

Nah, I'm kidding. I still don't know much, but I've gotten better at learning. I've also been watching for ways to contribute, but as an unpublished newbie, I don't hold much authority. I even blogged about something I do know a lot about (Google Analytics) and why authors should care about it (they do not). But an enormously obvious way I can help didn't occur to me until I had a conversation with a non-writing friend.

"So how is your book going?" (This friend is particularly brave and kind.)

"It's great! I'm starting to get feedback from beta readers, doing another round of revisions, going to try to have it ready for #Pitmad, and hope to start querying agents the following month."

Blank stare.

Hopeful smile.

"How do you know to do all of that stuff?"

"Oh, it's all online. The writing community is great."

"I could never figure it all out."

I don't think that's true. I think just about anyone can figure it out. But I also know that a lot of writers just want to write. But I love this stuff. And I love to share it.

Introducing... Three Greats (with @BexDrate).

Three Greats is a monthly email, blog post, and social media post featuring three great resources for writers. It is 100% free, of course, and no one will pay to be featured. My hope is to help writers find more tools, spread the love for people creating great content, and get to know a few more of you. It will also force me to keep searching for great writing content.

Sound good?


Drop a comment or message me with your favorite writing and publishing blogs, podcasts, books, lectures, YouTubers, social media accounts, workshops, webinars, classes, events, everything.

I can't wait to keep learning!

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