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My Favorite Writing Podcasts

Don't you hate it that long explainer paragraph at the top of every blog when you really just want the author to get to the list promised in the headline? Me too. ;)

  1. LitService Podcast Who and what: Hosted by Caitlin Sangster, Kristen Evans, Cameron Harris, and Aliah Eberting, this writing group moved their sessions online so we could all benefit! The first half of every episode (two monthly) discusses a craft topic with a guest (agents, authors, editors, other publishing industry experts—always top notch!) and the back half of each episode is a critique of a listener submission. Why I love it: I learned how critique groups work from these lovely folks! The language they use, their intelligence, and their kindness is evident in each episode, and they allow submissions if you're interested in having your own work critiqued. They typically focus in the speculative YA arena, but it's valuable content for all writers.

  2. The Shit No One Tells You About Writing Who and what: Author Bianca Marais has been giving us a delightful insider's look at publishing for a while, and when agents Carly Watters and CeCe Lyra joined her for the podcast's recurring segment, Books with Hooks, it became even more useful to emerging writers (as Bianca so kindly call us). Why I love it: Bianca, Carly, and CeCe spend the first half of each episode critiquing listener submissions (query letter and first five pages). They are smart, savvy to industry trends, and above all, kind. I've learned so much from these women, and they are open again for submissions if you'd like to have your work critiqued.

  3. The Manuscript Academy Who and what: The Manuscript Academy is more than just a podcast. Agent Jessica Sinsheimer and author Julie Kingsley started it to offer the best parts of writing conferences online. They had this genius idea back before all conferences screeched to a halt in 2020, and wow did they help me fill the void! They offer one-on-one consultations with agents and editors, workshops, webinars, and a free podcast. You can become a member (I am!) or you can try things out a la cart and see where the value lies for you. The podcast is completely free (of course). Why I love it: They have excellent guests, great programming, and you really feel like you're part of a community. My favorite parts are the Facebook group (where I got connected to my two wonderful critique partners), and the meetings with agents (which do cost some cash, as you're getting one-on-one feedback about your specific project with an industry pro).

What are your favorite writing podcasts?


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